Bacon calls for ‘gain to maintain’ in bid for mayor

Kolton Bacon, mayoral candidate in Lubbock, Texas

Mayoral candidate Kolton Bacon said he does not have the best past but thinks he does have a good future.

He likes helping others.

“That’s the real reason why I applied to be mayor, to help the community as a whole,” Bacon said.

At the same time, he’s trying his hand at self-improvement.

“I just want to have a better opportunity in life. I think this might be a good opportunity and I’m willing to take it,” he said.

Part of that self-improvement will include dealing with a criminal charge.

In February 2023, officers arrested Bacon in ‘Operation Heartbreak,’ which the Lubbock Police Department described as a prostitution sting.

In his conversation with, Bacon said the charge was still pending.

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About Bacon

“I’ve lived in Lubbock for about eight years now,” he said.

Bacon grew up in a small town near Abilene, he said. He went to Jim Ned High School and came to Lubbock for study at Texas Tech – more specifically political science. He has not graduated yet.

“Personally, I like politics,” he said. Bacon is currently between jobs.

“I like to think the faith that I have in God is what has got me to this particular point,” Bacon said.

He’s 28 years old.

Public policy

Bacon said Lubbock needs road improvements. But that was the only specific change he mentioned.

“Gain to maintain,” he said. What he meant is Lubbock is currently in good condition.

“So, if we can just gain, but also maintain what we have and just potentially ‘gain to maintain,’ I think that would be probably the best route,” Bacon said.

Other candidates mentioned public safety and crime.

“As far as the crime goes, I would love to speak with people who have been dealing with that problem and try to see about the statistics and other analytics,” Bacon said. “I don’t want to speak on anything I don’t have too much information on.”

As for the marijuana initiative on the May 4 ballot, Bacon said that’s for the voters to decide. If it passes, it calls on police to reduce enforcement of misdemeanor marijuana violations.

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Author: James Clark- James Clark is the associate editor of Lubbock Lights. He worked in radio, television and digital media for a combined total of more than 30 years. He was Director of Digital News Content at KAMC, KLBK and for nearly 10 years.